Whether starting a practice, buying a practice, or selling a practice, we bring together the expertise needed for every step, from site evaluation to practice appraisal. In addition, we can offer other integrated services a la carte to health care practitioners  across the life cycle of their practices.



Practice Site Selection

We evaluate potential practice sites based on the area’s demographic tapestry, giving careful consideration to area growth, population density, and dental expenditures in the community as compared to the national average. We also visit the site with our clients to ensure that the location is a perfect complement to their vision for their practices.

Our site selections services include:

  • Market analysis reporting
  • Available space reporting
  • Tenant representation
  • Representation for long-term lease negotiation
  • Detailed market analysis and demographic data

Practice Appraisal

We do more than simply provide an appraisal. We develop a comprehensive understanding of the value of the practice. We offer tri-layered valuations and will even review an existing valuation done by another appraiser.  We can also provide intensive valuation for legal disputes or for deriving an accurate, fair market value required for a particular transaction.

Your Practice Business Plan

We work closely with the doctor to understand the practice philosophy. Because we understand the doctor’s vision, we provide more than a business plan; we provide a detailed blueprint for brand development, budgeting, and pro forma analysis.

Practice Transitions

We believe that a successful transition begins with an educated buyer, and for this reason we offer practice value optimization strategies, as well as programs for launching the buyer. We carefully review every aspect of the practice, and through our detailed questionnaire, we position our clients for a transition that does not interfere with patient service and customer satisfaction.

Project Financing

We free clients from the stress of extensive paperwork, aligning lenders and lending programs to the project.  We structure financing correctly within the context of the strategic plan, creating a smooth, efficient and complete package that is ready for credit review.


With our team of financial experts, we can carefully monitor the challenging business terrain, providing professional budgetary advice accordingly.  We work with practices to ensure they are getting the best possible insurance reimbursement rate,  and the utilization of our financial planning strategies will add value to our clients’ practices.

Practice Marketing Relationships

We work closely with the doctor to construct a plan that contributes toward his or her brand development.  We provide extensive marketing analysis reports and provide budgeting to help the doctor develop solid marketing relationships that will extend the value of the practice.

Insurance Credentialing

We can credential the practitioner and / or the practice site location, and analyze the rate of insurance participation within target market areas. We negotiate reimbursement rates by the most commonly billed fee codes.

Medical Practice Staff Training

We realize that a medical practice is much more than a valued piece of real estate; it's a team of professionals who strive to give excellent patient care. Therefore, we also offer extensive staff training, from the principles of effective communication and problem solving to understanding the “Rule of 8 Insurance Musts.”  We are pleased to offer staff training services for a variety of practices, regardless of whether or not they are seeking our buying/ selling/ start-up services.  Let us help your practice with every aspect of the business, from scheduling to treatment planning and presentation.

Project Management Checklists

At Practice Advisors 360, we have access to optimal project management tools that will guide practices to a more successful future. We believe optimal performance can be lost in the details, and that is why our checklists are specifically designed to track the progress of our clients, from organizational issues to financial planning.

Case Acceptance Training

Practice Advisors 360 offers extensive training for staff members, including treatment presentation and case acceptance. This service includes evaluating the role of the treatment coordinator and developing a team approach to case acceptance.

KPI Monitoring

We provide detailed metrics that monitor practice performances against the Pro Forma and National Average.