How Customer Service Affects Your Online Reputation

Online consumer reviews are already the second most trusted source of brand information and messaging. Roughly 70 percent of global customers reported that they trust online reviews. This figure has increased by 15 percent in the last four years. When a customer leaves a negative review of your business online, it can have a profound effect on your reputation. Remember, unless the negative evaluation violates the terms and agreements of the review website, the site will not remove the review, and it can remain on the site for years after it was written.

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What is KPI Monitoring and Why Do You Need It?

Many dentists and optometrists have no problem setting goals for their practices: They want to see more new patients, to increase their profit margins, and to invest in newer equipment. However, unless practice owners utilize the principles of KPI, they may find themselves falling short of their goals without knowing why.

 KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators. These measurements help an organization determine whether or not it is reaching its goals. 

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Why Use a Practice Advisor?

Did you know that a five percent increase in your collection ratio can dramatically increase your yearly revenue?

Or that seeing one new patient a day can equal an additional $45,900 a year? Access to the right kind of information is critical to helping you increase the value of your dental or optometric practice. 

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Starting a Dental or Optometric Practice: Five Common Problems to Avoid

While medical studies may have you well-prepared to perform a root canal, have they taught you about the “nuts and bolts” of starting – and maintaining - a successful practice? Avoid these five common problems when starting your own medical practice.

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Practive Advisors 360 Launches New Website

At Practice Advisors 360, we realize that buying, selling, or transferring a practice is a challenging process. That’s one reason we wanted our website to contain a wealth of information to help position your business for success.

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