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Starting Your Practice

Three Elements of a Successful Practice Transition Plan

The last six miles of a marathon are the most difficult. No one wants to give up so close to the finish line, yet if you don’t have vital elements in place for your transition plan, you may be doing exactly that. Whether you are handing the reins of your practice over to an associate or you are purchasing a practice, it’s vital that you preserve the quality of the brand. See the three main elements of a successful transition plan.

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How A Practice Advisor Can Help Your Bottom Line

While dentists, optometrists and other medical professionals can do their own research on the various aspects of starting a practice, this places them at a disadvantage: They may not be aware of the latest trends and issues within a given area, and every minute spent learning about a new resource is time that could be spent building the practice. Here's how hiring a practice advisor can help your bottom line.

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Are You Ready To Start Your Own Practice? Take This Short Quiz

Establishing your own dental or optometric practice creates an opportunity to invest in a legacy. By firmly taking control of your business destiny, you can create your brand and practice medicine in accordance with your personal philosophy. But are you ready? Find out here.

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Starting a Dental or Optometric Practice: Five Common Problems to Avoid

While medical studies may have you well-prepared to perform a root canal, have they taught you about the “nuts and bolts” of starting – and maintaining - a successful practice? Avoid these five common problems when starting your own medical practice.

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