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KPI Monitoring

How A Practice Advisor Can Help Your Bottom Line

While dentists, optometrists and other medical professionals can do their own research on the various aspects of starting a practice, this places them at a disadvantage: They may not be aware of the latest trends and issues within a given area, and every minute spent learning about a new resource is time that could be spent building the practice. Here's how hiring a practice advisor can help your bottom line.

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What is KPI Monitoring and Why Do You Need It?

Many dentists and optometrists have no problem setting goals for their practices: They want to see more new patients, to increase their profit margins, and to invest in newer equipment. However, unless practice owners utilize the principles of KPI, they may find themselves falling short of their goals without knowing why.

 KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators. These measurements help an organization determine whether or not it is reaching its goals. 

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