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Practice Location

Why You Need Professional Tenant Representation

For medical practices, location means much more than convenience or a nice neighborhood: It can make or break your business. A crucial piece to this puzzle is negotiating the best deal with the landlord. Practice advisors have access to professionals who will represent your best interest in negotiating a lease. See the benefits of working with a professional tenant representative.

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How A Practice Advisor Can Help Your Bottom Line

While dentists, optometrists and other medical professionals can do their own research on the various aspects of starting a practice, this places them at a disadvantage: They may not be aware of the latest trends and issues within a given area, and every minute spent learning about a new resource is time that could be spent building the practice. Here's how hiring a practice advisor can help your bottom line.

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Your Practice Location: 4 Tips for Effective Site Selection

Some practices are destined to fail before they even open the doors. Real estate agents preach the virtues of “location, location, location” for good reason: Poor site selection can doom a dental or optometric practice, and many physicians don’t consider the importance of a thorough demographic analysis before choosing the location. Don't make that mistake!

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