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Selling Your Practice

Securing Your Legacy: Five Things to Remember

Transitioning or selling your practice to another physician is much more than a business transaction---it’s a venture that requires extensive emotional trust. While we’ve provided extensive information before about the nuts and bolts involved in practice transition, we want to now focus on another aspect: how to protect your legacy. This will ensure that your patients equate your brand to a positive experience. Read our tips here.

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Eight Things To Do Before You Sell Your Practice

Some of your patients have been with you from the first day you opened the doors of your medical practice, others you may  have “inherited” from a retiring physician. Whether your patients have been coming to you for years or you just met them last week, selling your practice can be an emotional experience for everyone involved-- patients, employees and yourself.  It’s a daunting proposition and emotions can cause you to overlook a few vital elements. Therefore, following are eight items to do before you sell your practice.

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Three Elements of a Successful Practice Transition Plan

The last six miles of a marathon are the most difficult. No one wants to give up so close to the finish line, yet if you don’t have vital elements in place for your transition plan, you may be doing exactly that. Whether you are handing the reins of your practice over to an associate or you are purchasing a practice, it’s vital that you preserve the quality of the brand. See the three main elements of a successful transition plan.

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Should You Sell Your Dental Practice? Five Things to Consider

You've spent decades building your practice into a successful business. You've invested blood, sweat, and tears and more significant financial investment into this business. If you’re looking toward retirement, you think it's time for a return on your investment and sell your practice. Isn’t it time to reap the rewards of your efforts? Not so fast. Consider these five things before selling your practice.

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Should You Get a Tri-Layered Valuation for Your Practice?

Dedicated customer service. A profitable practice. Increasing property values. While you believe you have a good idea of what your practice is worth, demonstrating that value to potential investors or buyers is not as simple as it sounds. It’s impossible to convey the emotional investment you have made in your practice, and it’s difficult to quantify intangible benefits of the customer base you have established. See if a tri-layered valuation is right for your practice!

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